Supply Chain Traceability

Blockchain-based digital product passport(DPP) for Enhanced Traceability and Transparency

Traxe DPP Value in Mining & Precious Metals

Traxe DPP transforms mining and precious metals by:

  • Boosting Transparency: Track your product’s lifecycle, enhancing trust.
  • Driving Sustainability: Reduce environmental impact, and meet ESG goals.
  • Improving Efficiency: Cut costs, and streamline operations with secure data.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Stay ahead of industry regulations effortlessly.

Problem We Solve:

Industries need a product traceability and transparency solution to address doubts about authenticity, ethics, and environmental impact in supply chains, meeting consumer and regulatory demands.

Challenges Addressed:


Opaque Supply Chains:

Existing supply chain models lack transparency, leaving consumers and businesses unaware of product origins and journeys.


Elevated Expectations:

Modern consumers require comprehensive product information, encompassing sourcing, production conditions, and societal contributions.


Regulatory Compliance:

Stricter regulations necessitate rigorous provenance tracking, which proves intricate and costly with conventional methods.


Ethical & Environmental Impact:

Concealed unsustainable practices negatively affect the environment and erode consumer trust, calling for responsible sourcing and production.


Trust Deficit:


Counterfeiting and fraud undermine trust among stakeholders, demanding tamper-proof, foolproof solutions.




Hidden Insights:

Absence of detailed insights into products’ lifecycle hinders strategic decision-making, leaving potential value untapped.

Our Solution:

At Traxe Technologies, we confront these challenges head-on with our Blockchain-Powered Digital Product Passports. These passports redefine transparency, ensuring each product step is meticulously recorded and effortlessly accessible via blockchain. Achieve regulatory compliance, amplify trust, and embrace sustainability. With Traxe, industries pioneer an era of enlightened consumption and accountable production.

Traxe values for stakeholders:


For Brands

To better market premium products. To generate higher margin.


For End consumers

To trace and verify product's povenance.


For government

To expand traceability and sustainability mandates compliance in commodity supply chains.

Traxe tags products with their origin, supply chain traceability, and other metadata to enable end-consumers to trace and verify the provenance and ESG impacts of products.


Traxe delivers transparency and builds trust for premium brands.

Traxe delivers transparency and creates trust for brands to market their premium products better and generate higher margins.

Traxe DPP is accurate, authentic, and verifiable.

Traxe DPP connects you to the provenance of precious commodities.


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